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Torah Service


Passing the Torah from generation to generation.


Our procession.

More than 40 family members and friends were called to the Torah for aliyot. The only two present were Terry Reynolds and Evie Lerner. Suzanne read the names of those honored but not present, including one friend, Marcia Herman, who not only attended Suzanne's bat mitzvah in 1980 but also attended Grandma Judy's bat mitzvah in 1952. Download the siddur and read your name!


First, Ian discussed his Torah portion, explaining why paying taxes is important. Then, Suzanne read briefly from the Torah using Grandpa Julius' yad, the pointer required to keep the scroll clean. She forgot to place it where she left off, causing Ian to lose his place! Ian recovered nicely and completed his Torah portion. (Grandpa Julius is mentioned on the video around 12:04.)


First Ian explained  what he was about to read, and then he read.


Then Toby explained his Torah portion, relating it to how our government leaders have handled the pandemic. (Hint: not well.) After that, Toby read his portion, and the boys helped Kathy wrap the Torah back up.

Watch the Torah service below!

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