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My Work

I'm experienced in both marketing and journalism. I've written 50-word emails, 500-word blog posts, 5,000-word articles, and 50,000-word books. Here are samples of my writing — short and long, serious and light, newsy and personal, B2B and DTC. 

Content Development: An Overview

As a content writer for Novaerus, I write blog posts, white papers, and case studies about the twin crises facing hospitals and nursing homes worldwide: the rise of superbugs and the spread of healthcare acquired infections. Based in Ireland and the United States, Novaerus produces air disinfection technology for hospitals, senior-living homes, and schools.

For Ideal Option, I create content about another medical crisis: the opioid epidemic. Based in the United States, Ideal Option operates 70+ medication-based treatment centers for opioid addiction.

I also develop all the content — books, guides, infographics, blog posts, social-media posts — for, the website I co-founded with pediatric urologist Steve Hodges, M.D., of Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Our mission is to educate families, medical professionals, and teachers about enuresis and encopresis, conditions overlooked, misunderstood, and undertreated by the medical profession.

As a content developer for Mazlo, a Seattle-based company specializing in behavior change, I interviewed experts, organized their ideas into micro-lessons, and wrote video scripts on topics including confident speaking, business etiquette, time management, and mindful eating. 

White Papers and Consumer Guides

I specialize in translating scientific concepts into accessible, engaging, and persuasive white papers and consumer guides. Upon request, I can send the PDFs below.


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Content I Create



White papers

Blog posts


Video scripts


Press releases

Marketing emails

Social-media posts

Landing pages

Skills I Have







Copy editing



Topics I Cover

Healthcare-acquired infections

Indoor air pollution

Opioid addiction

Behavior change

Enuresis and encopresis


Time management

Positive body language

Confident speaking

Weight loss



Quitting Smoking





Blog Posts

I write several blog posts each month, typically about indoor air pollution and the spread of infectious disease; treatment options for and challenges related to opioid addiction; and treatment for and misconceptions about enuresis and encopresis.




Media Outlets I've Written For


Cooking Light

Fit Pregnancy


Ladies' Home Journal

Men's Health

Natural Health



Real Simple

Runner's World


Women's Health


I work with talented artists and graphic designers to develop a variety of infographics.


JPGEnemas Less Scary Infographic.jpg


I've written 1,000+ newspaper and magazine articles, including countless "how to" pieces — how to master online dating, conquer gum disease, be an assertive patient, breastfeed twins, choose a commuter bike. I've also parlayed my own mishaps and setbacks into lighthearted first-person pieces. Here are a few.


A cookbook, a children's book, a memoir, a quit-smoking guide, and two Dummies books are among the 18 books I've written or co-written. You can find the full list on my amazon author page.

The M.O.P. Book: Anthology Edition (2020)

A Guide to the Only Proven Way to STOP Bedwetting and Accidents


A groundbreaking manual for resolving bedwetting, daytime pee accidents, and poop accidents, this volume is for parents who are tired of waiting for their child to “outgrow” accidents — who think they have “tried everything.” The pediatric urology team at Mayo Clinic calls M.O.P. “incredibly effective.” Parents call it “life changing” and “a life saver.” 

Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault (2015)

Why Potty Problems Happen and How to Make Them Stop


Written with Steve Hodges, M.D., brilliantly illustrated by Cristina Acosta, and endorsed by top doctors and parenting experts. It makes kids laugh!

Quit Smoking for Life (2014)

A Simple, Proven 5-Step Plan


Based on Alere Wellbeing's Quit for Life program, which has helped some 2 million smokers quit. Endorsed by the American Cancer Society.

It's No Accident (2012)

Breakthrough Solutions to Your Child's Wetting, Constipation, UTIs, and Other Potty Problems


The definitive book on toileting troubles, written with Steve Hodges, M.D.. Check out the amazon reviews! Often the #1 Kindle toilet training book.

The Good Neighbor Cookbook (2011)

125 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Surprise and Satisfy the New Moms, New Neighbors, and Recuperating Friends . . . in Your Life!


Easy, inventive recipes for when you want to say “I care” or “I’m no slacker” with delicious, homemade food. Written with chef Sara Quessenbery.

The Curse of the Singles Table (2004)

​A True Story of 1001 Nights Without Sex


A chronicle of my epic dry spell, which lasted longer than the Kennedy administration. US magazine called it "laugh-out-loud" funny. Translated into Dutch, Romanian, Japanese, and a dozen other languages.

Weight Training/Fitness for Dummies (4 editions each)

Combined sales have topped 500k. Written with fitness expert Liz Neporent and translated into 25+ languages.

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